The following are current and completed research work by our members for the last five years:

No. Research Completion
1 Intervention For Safe Crossing Among Pedestrians Based On Extended Theory Of Planned Behaviour 2019
2 Laboratory Evaluation Of Mechanical Properties Of Hot Mix Asphalt Containing Steel Slag Aggregate 2019
3 High Temperature Characteristics Of Warm Mix Asphalt Mixtures With Nanoclay And Chemical Warm Mix Asphalt Modified Binders 2018
4 Performance Evaluation Of Warm Mix Asphalt Rejuvenated With Jatropha Curcas Oil 2018
5 UTHM Campus Bus Service Modelling Based On Passenger Demand 2018
6 Cost Analysis Of Different Modes Of Transport By Using Wardrop's Equilibrium Model And Evaluation Of Hight Speed Train With Computable Urban Economic Model (CUE) 2017
7 Pedestrian Utilisation Of Crossing Facilities, Gap Acceptance And Crossing Decision Along Urban Streets In Malaysia 2017
8 Performance Of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) Incorporating Recycle Waste Material 2017
9 The Development Of Vehicles Lane Changing Model In Approaching At U-turn Facility Road Segment 2017
10 Performance Evaluation Of I-Patch For Flexible Pavement Maintenance 2017
11 Investigation On Characteristics Of Titanium Dioxide Nanoflowers As New Additive To Reduce Energy Consumption Of Asphalt Mixture Production 2017
12 Identification Of Hazardous Road Locations Motorcycles Based On Design Consistency And Crash Model Along Johor Federal Roads 2017
13 Self-Lifted Stand For Motorcycle Safety (SMARTS) 2017
14 Influence Of Mid-Block U-Turn Facilities On Traffic Operation At Two Lane Dual Carriageway Roadway 2017
15 Clustering Urban Bus Driving Behavior Using K-Mean Analysis Method For Malaysian Bus Smart Driving Guidance 2017
16 Investigation Of Passenger Mobility Within The Urban Rail Transit System In Kuala Lumpur 2017
17 Sustainable Transportation Plan: Application Of Electric Bus Technology In UTHM Transportation System 2016
18 Investigating Pedestrian Interactions With Vehicular Traffic And Road Environment At Crossing Facilities For The Reduction Of Pedestrian Vulnerability And Accidents 2016
19 Spatial Classification Of Land Use And Land Cover Type Using Remote Sensing Technique In Batu Pahat District 2016
20 An Intervention Of Safety Helmet Usage Based On Technology Acceptance Model 2016
21 Road Safety User Behaviour Toward Safer Driving Using Phychological And Spiritual Approaches 2016
22 Improvement Of Hot Mix Asphalt Properties By Nanocly With Polymer Modified Binder 2016
23 Identification Of Hazardous Road Sections By Handling Overdispersion-Excess Zero Data Of Vehicle Crashed Along Johor Federal Roads 2015
24 Disintegration Evaluation Of Warm Porous Asphalt Incorporating Sasobit 2015
25 Investigation On Physical And Mental Fatigue Among Intra-State Bus Drivers 2015
26 Evaluation Of Moisture Sensitivity Of Warm Porous Asphalt Mixtures 2015
27 Development Of Mathematical Model Of New Road Profiles Based On Wheel Tracking Measurement Data 2015
28 Study On Bus Driving In Urban Areas And Its Effect On Fuel Consumption 2015
29 Application Of Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) In Road Toughness Forecasting 2015
30 Optimization Of The Use Of POFA To Improve Palm Oil Plantation Roads 2014
31 Bus Black Box with On Board Diagnostics (OBD): Bus Fleet and Safety Management 2014
32 Clustering Malaysian Urban Real Driving Behaviour Using K-mean Analysis Method For Smart Driving Guidance 2014
33 Non-linear Algorithm Analysis Of Large-scale Traffic Data For Fundamental Systematic Patterns Detection 2014
34 Highway Engineering : Design Guidelines For Use Of New Product 2014
35 Motorcyclist Safety Behavioral Intervention Based On Technology Acceptance Model 2014
36 Brake Pad Alert System 2014
37 Development Of Mathematical Model Of New Road Profiles Based On Wheel Tracking Measurement Data 2014
38 Investigation Of Breakdown Event At Merging Sections Of Federal Highway 2013
39 The Effectiveness Of Speed Camera Sign In Changing Speed Behavior At Multilane Roads In School Zones 2013
40 The Effect On The Performance Of Unpaved Roads On Soft Subgrade Reinforced With Bamboo-Geotextile Composite 2013
41 Recycled Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Plastic Bag As An Artificial Aggregate 2013








Since its inception in 2013, SDRC has been awarded research grants amounting to RM 1,199,720

by Researcher Category
Academic Staff: RM 884,700
Postgraduate Students: RM 315,020

by Grant Scheme
FRGS: RM 586,800
ERGS: RM 79,040
STG: RM 69,960
MDR: RM 34,000
RSGS: RM 30,000
PPRN: RM 24,900
GPPS: RM 315,020
ICI: RM 30,000




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